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About Us

We pride ourselves on being the premier sales and marketing support services solution provider.

Founded in 1995 and located in a suburb of Cleveland, we provide a fully integrated and comprehensive array of sales and marketing support services to our clients. We move our clients' sales and marketing efforts forward by providing the technology tools, infrastructure, experience and staff to manage, implement and track the results of their sales and marketing initiatives.

Initially founded on creating customized databases for tracking and reporting on sales leads, IMT has expanded into merchandise distribution, specialized sample/frozen fulfillment, rebate processing, creative design, branding concepts and printing. IMT is also a leader in providing customizable print-on-demand solutions for specialized applications.

Our, "We can do that" attitude combined with our expereince and infrastructure assures our clients that we will provide the most cost-effective solution to support their current and future needs. We make sure it gets done right, on-time and on-budget no matter what hurdles we have to overcome! "Meeting expectations is the standard, exceeding expectations is the goal."

I can personally assure you that we can reduce your costs, improve/simplify the process and provide your sales team with the leading edge tools they need. Our services will make your life easier while having a dramatic effect on increasing your sales. We continually strive to be the "Perfect Partner."

We look forward to providing you with proven, cost-effective support services that will increase your sales and marketing, reduce your costs and keep you and your sales force ahead of the curve.

Let us know what sales and marketing needs keep you up at night. We have leading-edge, cost-effective solutions you haven't even thought of.

Jeff Wood
Founder, President of IMT